Athens One Day Cruise (3 Islands)

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One day cruise - Poros - Hydra - Aegina

Poros, Hydra and Aegina islands are all part of the Saronic islands which are located in the Southern part of Greece, very close to Athens. Each island is nearby one another, making it ideal for a one day journey. The combination of the three islands and the cultural introduction on the cruise makes it a once in a life time ‘Greek’ experience!

Important facts about each island:


Poros consists of two islands called Sphairia and Kalavria. Sphairia is the southern part, which is of volcanic origin and Kalavria is the northern and largest part. Poros is known for its rich vegetation and crystal clear waters. Being so close to Athens, only a ferry ride away, it is the getaway spot for the weekends. Here, you will enjoy nature to its fullest.


Hydra is one of the smallest Saronic Islands. It is only about 55 km square and approximately 2,000 people visit the island each summer. Considering the fact that it is so small, no cars, motor vehicles or motorcycles are allowed to enter by law. Donkeys, bicycles and water taxis are the means of transportation around the island. No wonder why the island is filled with people wandering the streets and enjoying the scenery. Clearly it is a unique island to be seen by everyone.


Aegina is only 27 km from Athens. The island is known for its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches. In addition, it is still recognized as being a “Greek” island without mass tourism having to take away the nature that depicts the island. In addition, there are so many natural activities one can do, such as walk the paths of the old olive trees, explore the old mountain trails or climb Mount Oros to see the sunrise. The life in Aegina is lively as it offers various entertainments as tavern’s, Greek coffee shops, restaurants and much more.

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